Who Will Project Manage Your ERP or Order Management System Implementation?

As we consult with multichannel companies on system selection and implementation, our experience is that about 50% of the larger installs (those spending over $1 million) are not delivered on time or within budget. 

For many companies, project failure is generally defined by the degree of cost over-run.  Schedule slippages go hand-in-hand with added costs since there is considerably more complexity to the total change than originally planned.  Many times, the newly installed system does not live up to the functional expectations of the user community and does not deliver the desired benefits.

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Improving Small and Medium-Sized Warehouse Operations

To determine if your warehouse operation is as efficient as it can be, start with a warehouse operations audit or assessment. This audit takes into account quantitative and qualitative aspects of the warehouse operations, processes, and systems.

First, assess your center’s processes and costs then answer these questions:

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How To Conduct A Post Implementation Audit of Your Recently Installed System

After months of preparation, systems customizations, file conversions, training, etc., you have just implemented your new ERP, OMS, WMS or Forecasting system. The Go Live isn’t as problem free as you’d like. What next?

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Are Your Customer-Facing Systems and People Meeting Expectations?

I just got a letter from my pharmacy, a store within a leading drug store chain, saying that as part of an audit five months ago they found I had been overcharged by 33 cents, with the check enclosed. I’m sure it’s required by their insurance company or the government, or both. You can’t make up something this ridiculous. Can you imagine the time and money it took to find the error, authorize payment and get a check written?

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Build, Buy or Best of Breed – What’s the Right Systems Strategy For Your Company?

Panelists Ashley Kohnen, Shao Li, Keith KirssonAt a recent conference, I had one of the best panels I have ever had on systems strategies.  Joining me were:  Ashley Kohnen, Co-owner, COO, LEM Products, Keith Kirssin, President of BoxInBoxOut and Shao Li, Senior Operations Manager, UncommonGoods.   What made the panel so effective was they easily articulated why the three radically different approaches worked best for providing order management and warehouse management functionality to their company. 

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9 Ways Procedures and Documentation Improve ERP Systems Use

Well, we just watched the 402nd project where management intended to have new operational procedures and training materials developed to accompany the major upgrade of a new ERP system. The procedures were not developed and the users went live on the new ERP system for call center and fulfillment operations.

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On-Premise vs. Software as a Service Systems: Nine Factors to Consider

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud based computing has taken the application world by storm.  As you consider acquiring new systems – whether they are – new Warehouse Management System, ERP, Order Management, marketing, telephone system or shipping systems – there nine factors to consider comparing SaaS and cloud to on-premise approaches.  The chances are good that across your business you’ll use a combination of the two IT business models.

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Major Order Management System Project Failures and How To Avoid Them

In doing some research for a client looking to get started on an order management system project, we order management system failurecame across a study that was conducted of 800 senior IT managers from the United States, England, France, Germany, India, Japan and Singapore. The study revealed: 

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7 Important Order Management System Agreement Points

It is amazing how many companies don’t look at vendor's order management system license agreementsorder management system contract very closely. These are binding legal documents and without close review of payment terms, deliverables, schedules, termination options, etc. you could be putting your company at risk for losing thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

There are two major aspects to these license agreements:

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Do You Really Need All Those Order Management System Modifications?

Recently we had a chance to follow up with a client and vendor on the outcome of their seven-month order management system modificationsimplementation negotiated last year. There are some unique lessons learned about making modifications to  an order management system; or an ERP or warehouse management system for all of us.

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