Successful Order Management System Install through Project Management

For any organization taking on the implementation of a new order management system is always Order Management System project managementchallenging and a bit stressful at times.  There are a myriad of articles on how to successfully implement a new system but one item we recommend to our clients is to have organized a strong implementation team. 

You, as the client, need to start with a strong Project Manager (PM).  This person may have already been the lead for the order management system selection process and understand the total business.  Without this leadership role your company will have paid out most if not all software license costs and not achieve successful implementation.  With most contracts, the company pays most all of the license costs well in advance of the “Go Live” date.  Professional or Implementation Services from the vendor often require a deposit and are invoiced as they are used.  This means that 85% to 100% of the total system costs are paid before “Go Live”. 

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Learning From Companies' Order Management System Installs

I’ve had two extensive projects with two new installations of a commercial order management system.order management system While it may raise questions about how prepared companies are as they embark on implementing systems, I think that everyone can learn from them. Let me share with you some highlights:

The first is a company with sales of $75 million annually; evaluated both Tier 1 ERP and order management system capabilities. This company selected a large scale Windows-based client server system. What were some of the issues?

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Accurate Budget Estimates for Implementing Order Management System

As we have written many times, 50% of large scale implementations end up over budget and well behindAccurate Order Management System Budget the original proposed implementation schedules. Typically, we have always identified investment in several areas: hardware, operating software, third-party software, professional services and applications licenses. In order to plan initial new system implementation budgets for large scale order management system and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), it’s prudent to go well beyond these categories of expense and engage in broader based planning and due diligence.

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Will Your New Order Management System Provide the Needed Reporting?

You have just spent many months doing your due diligence to replace your aging order management order management system reportingsystem: gathering user requirements, writing an RFP, getting capable system vendors to bid on it, conducting demos and selecting the finalist. Yet there is one more activity that, if not done superbly, will shake management’s confidence that implementation of the new system will go smoothly.

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If you haven’t adequately studied and documented how management, at every level from CEO to department managers, will get the needed information they’re used to having - your credibility could be in trouble. We are talking about the necessary reporting and key performance indicators needed in order to run the business on a daily, weekly, monthly and year-end basis. Even when business analysts feel they have done an adequate job of determining user requirements, the reporting functionality frequently gets cut short. There are a variety of reasons for this:

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How to Reduce the Order Management System Learning Curve

In most businesses the transition to a new order management system (OMS) does not occur frequently. order management system learning curveOne of the main keys for your OMS implementation to be successful is to be sure you have tasks and assignments for developing training materials and standard operating procedures. The new OMS will affect the productivity of many departments, including contact center, distributoin center, accounting, merchandising, marketing and management reporting.

Some companies often struggle for six to eight months after implementation to regain their productivity and proficiency levels. Here’s how your company can shorten the order management system learning curve.

READ: How to Improve Your New Systems Selection and Implementation Process

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Evaluating the Best Partner to Install ERP or Order Management System

The major software companies, especially enterprise wide systems from Microsoft, Oracle (JD Edwardsorder management system EnterpriseOne), Sage and SAP, have made huge head ways into the order management system marketplace for moderate to large e-commerce and catalog companies. It’s important to remember that the ERPs have a development legacy outside this marketplace. In most cases these software companies reply on Business Partners or Value Added Resellers (VARs) to develop industry specific functionality which gears the base ERP to your order management, distribution, marketing, merchandising, etc. requirements.

Download: How to Improve Your New Systems Selection and Implementation Process

To sell to widely different market niches, today’s ERP systems have flexible configuration set up and often “layers” to provide standardization of functionality and unique requirements at the same time.

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4 Easy Steps for Selecting an Order Management System: Steps 3 and 4

In case you missed the first post where Steps 1 and 2 were discussed, we encourage you to read them. order management systemAs a summary, Step 1: Organize the Project Internally and Step 2: Define Your Requirements.

Here are Steps 3 and 4:

Step 3: Evaluate the Vendors
In your Request For Proposal (RFP), make sure you specify that bidders include in writing all of the pricing, warranties and schedules for the order management system; the software and any hardware to be provided; pre-installation training; modifications required before and after installation; a list of other packaged systems that have been successfully integrated with; and file conversion and maintenance support.

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4 Easy Steps to Select an Order Management System: Steps 1 and 2

Whether your company is in need of a commercially packaged warehouse management system, point of bigstock-Four-Gears-Steps-Principles-In-58922081sales system, inventory control system, direct-to-customer order management system --or some combination of the aforementioned, the selection of the right system is a major undertaking for your business. No matter what type of new system you’re considering, that purchase is going to be a long-term investment. It has significant ramifications for how you serve your customers, the productivity of your personnel, and the management information it can provide to help you manage and grow your business.

To make an accurate system assessment and choose the right system for your company’s needs, we recommend you follow a four-step selection plan. This plan includes:

  1. Organizing the project;

  2. Defining your business needs;

  3. Gaining a complete understanding of the vendor’s systems and capabilities; and

  4. Examining the expected ROI of the system.

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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Order Management System?

After installing a new order management systemunlock your order management system; we find that most are utilizing less that 50% of their system's full potential. This is true for many reasons; especially since training was probably a while ago and personnel do not remember all of the different options that are available to them.

Since most order management system implementations are a significant capital investment, shouldn’t you be looking at taking advantage of other functionality to improve business processes? The answer is a simple yes, you should be looking at utilizing your new software application to its fullest, in order to maximize the investment and improve and simplify your business processes. 

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Does Your Order Management System Need To Be Replaced?

The best time to assess your current order management system infrastructurorder management system replacemente is now. We have listed some questions below to see how your system fairs.

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