Systems drive all aspects of our business, they allow companies to be more competitive, reduce costs, be more efficient and service the customer more dynamically. Business must continually evolve; this includes the systems that manage all facets of the business. Unfortunately, businesses become pressed to quickly select and implement a new Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system or a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Its not uncommon to hear things like

“We don’t have time to develop user requirements...”

“We don’t have time to go through vendor due diligence…”

“We don’t have time...”

We hear statements like this from companies like yours all the time, and this often leads to mistakes being made.

 International studies of major project selection and implementation shows that 50% of all major projects are not implemented on time and within budget. Unfortunately, this has not changed in decades. We are hopeful if you adopt these principles and ideas that you will improve your success. We have seen these concepts work in hundreds of companies.

Timing and budget aren't the only issues, labor costs are also rapidly increasing Companies are holding on to major systems longer than desirable. These systems typically constrain analysis and fail to improve productivity and growth. When it comes time to select and implement a new system, these efforts tend to get rushed.

This download will assist your company with understanding where companies historically go wrong in the selection and implementation of a new system – and how to avoid them. Our goal is to help your organization:

  • Build a stronger project team
  • Successfully select the strongest system for your organization
  • Understand the due diligence process
  • Implement your new system with the proper testing

This download is applicable to any major systems undertaking - whether it’s selecting and implementing an Order Management System (OMS), Enterprise Wide System (ERP) or a Warehouse Management System (WMS). We hope this download will greatly benefit your company. To download, please fill out the form to the right.


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