No matter whether you capture orders through websites, through call centers as a catalog or wholesaler, or via retail transactions; having the right system in place is critical to supporting the growth of the entire business.

Regardless of whether you’re looking at an Order Management System (OMS) or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, matching your business requirements with the best solution can be daunting with so many options and software models available. Since 1984, F. Curtis Barry & Company has been assisting companies in making system decisions to support their enterprise and achieve top-line growth.

The following illustrates the phases that we can assist your business with your order management system or ERP system project. We customize our approach to mirror your scope for the project, and look forward to discussing how we can assist with your project. Please contact us at 804-740-8743 or to schedule a call.

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Phase I: Order Management System and ERP Assessment

We bring to our order management system and ERP assessments the knowledge and experience of working with hundreds of multichannel companies since 1983. We conduct order management system and ERP assessments to assist clients in making the strategic decision of whether or not to replace their current OMS and ERP. The assessments are conducted for both in-house developed and commercially available systems. 

Occasionally we work with clients to decide whether to “Build a System” or to “Buy a System”.  This comparison is very complex because it requires multi-faceted resources for development teams (e.g. experienced industry business analysts, systems designers, programmers, quality assurance and procedure writers, etc.), longer lead times, risk analysis, etc. 

We provide assessments to upgrade the capabilities of an installed order management system or ERP; some areas include:

  • Improved reporting and database languages
  • Improved marketing and merchandising analysis
  • Multi-DC functions
  • Business intelligence tools 

Regardless of the direction, we tailor the scope and deliverables of the order management system or ERP assessment to meet your company’s specific needs. 

The OMS or ERP assessment is conducted onsite with all departments being supported, integrated to, and utilizing the system. These include areas such as: 

  • Distribution center
  • Call center/customer service
  • Inventory
  • Credit and payment processing
  • Finance
  • Purchasing and merchandising
  • eCommerce
  • Third party services
  • Marketing 

Our typical order management system or ERP assessment deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • System gap analysis
  • List of suggested vendors
  • Estimated investment
  • Implementation milestones
  • Integration points 

Phase II: Requirements Documentation and RFP Development

We work collaboratively to define all business requirements of the order management system or ERP necessary to support your existing and future business. 

We complete the OMS or ERP requirements documentation onsite with your key department personnel and management in order to properly detail and document:

  • Business requirements
  • Business processes
  • Key business metrics
  • Unique reporting
  • Data integrations, including:
    • Manifest
    • External marketing databases
    • Retail merchandising and store level systems
    • eCommerce
    • Financials 

During the review and business requirement documentation we will include departments and areas like:

  • Call Center/customer service
  • Credit and payment processing
  • Distribution center
  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing and merchandising
  • Finance
  • eCommerce
  • Third party services
  • Retail merchandising and store level systems 

Once the in-depth departmental review is complete, we develop and deliver a detailed draft set of requirements for your company to review, modify and approve. The final document can range from 1,500 to 2,000 individual requirements.  

We have developed requirements on an “exception requirement basis” where the client has detail knowledge of their requirements and vendors. 

We collaboratively work to develop the formalized order management system or ERP Request for Proposal (RFP); incorporating the requirements as well as numerous other elements. This document will be sent to a short list of system vendors to respond to. 

Phase III: Evaluation of Order Management System or ERP Vendors

FCBCO thoroughly and efficiently evaluates and completes the due diligence on each order management system or ERP and vendors; and address any questions they may have. 

We develop a detail comparison that compares each of the system vendors to one another based on many elements. Collaboratively we will determine the 1 or 2 vendors that make it to the final list to demo their OMS or ERP. 

We participate and facilitate the script for each vendor’s order management system or ERP demo. We also identify detail modifications and the cost estimates that are needed to each vendor’s system. 

Phase IV: Decision Making through Review of Initial Costs and Terms

FCBCO works with our clients to prepare the total cost of ownership for each OMS or ERP that has made it to the final list of vendors. 

We collaboratively conduct site visits to each final vendor’s client site to see each OMS or ERP in a live environment. Additionally, we review several elements with the client in order to develop the initial costs and terms with the selected vendor finalist. 

Phase V: Contract Negotiation 

FCBCO and the client review the order management system or ERP contract, from a non-legal standpoint. We review elements like license agreements, maintenance clauses and service agreements in order to make recommendations for negotiation and contract revisions. We work with your Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer in order to combine our knowledge of the proposed business proposition with the requirements, planning, scheduling, resource requirements, required modifications, etc. with the legal aspects of the contracts. 

Phase VI: Project Management of System Implementation through “Go Live” 

FCBCO acts as the overall project manager (PM) to coordinate the efforts of the order management system or ERP vendor’s PM and the client’s PM.  We work with our clients during this phase in order to be sure IT industry project management general practices are in place.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with decision making and monitor the tasks, goals and scheduling that are to be achieved.
  • Monitor the progress of the project, conduct weekly conference calls to review project status, milestones completed and those to be accomplished the next week.
  • Be sure project status reporting is issued periodically to all parties.
  • Work with the client and vendor(s) to make certain the proper human and resources are planned and applied to the implementation in the appropriate timeframe.
  • Insure that follow-up items are delivered within assigned timeframes and milestones.
  • Facilitate the changes in processing, training and systems implementation for the organization to successfully implement.
  • Oversee conference room pilots/training, system tests, conversion and “Go‐Live” activities.
  • Develop risk analysis and readiness for “Go-Live”.
  • Advise management of any problems that are encountered and the resolution assigned.
  • Perform a post implementation audit of outstanding issues for the project.

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