This whitepaper will share with you various principles and design considerations that should be taken into account for redesigning an existing facility - or designing a new facility.  A well designed facility needs to  avoid the common pitfalls that occur with the flow of goods and people through a facility, space planning and the use of various material handling equipment.  

This guide will assist your operational team with understanding the following aspects:

  • Maximizing the available cube of the facility.
  • How processes such as slotting can, and should, influence the design of a facility.
  • Considerations for optimizing the the flow through the facility and reducing bottlenecks.
  • Considering how much dock space is needed.
  • How growth should factor into the design process. 
  • Planning space needs for operational support such as lift truck charging, packing supplies, shipping lines and on the floor workstations. 
  • Ways to consider returns management space needs.
  • Racking options and aisle widths.
  • How automation impacts space needs in a facility design.

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