1. Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our senior consultants understand the multichannel industry from business, operations, and systems perspectives. In contrast to larger consulting firms, F. Curtis Barry & Company’s principals and partners work directly with their clients.

Our diverse experience and backgrounds offer clients a more comprehensive approach than single-proprietor consultancies can provide. And while many consultants are theoreticians, F. Curtis Barry & Company’s principals and partners are practitioners: Our collective experience includes managing information departments (developing systems and using commercial software), contact centers, and fulfillment facilities in retail, catalog, and e-commerce businesses.

2. Multichannel Business Products

Since 1984 F. Curtis Barry & Company has developed a track record of successfully completing projects for multichannel industry businesses of all sizes, product mixes, and business cultures. Our clients are multichannel businesses (catalog, retail, and e-commerce) that sell a tremendous range of products—from apparel and luxury goods to healthcare products, pet supplies, and electronics.

3. Multichannel Industry Perspective and Opinion

F. Curtis Barry & Company has contributed dozens of articles to major trade publications in the United States and Europe. In addition, F. Curtis Barry & Company writes and distributes a monthly e-mail newsletter, Operations Insight, and posts news, events, and opinions on its blog at www.fcbco.com/blog. Curt Barry, Paul Sobota, and Brian Barry are frequent speakers and presenters at the Operations Summit and other national conferences.

4. Industry-Proven Methodology

F. Curtis Barry & Company follows a proven, proprietary methodology that enables us to complete a project quickly while staying within the client’s timeline and budget. We recognize the uniqueness of each client’s business and customize our consulting approach accordingly. There are no preconceived solutions to any of our projects.

5. Vendor Relations Expertise

F. Curtis Barry & Company has a strong working knowledge of and relationships with the major commercial multichannel business system vendors and their applications, as well as the major material handling equipment providers. Constant communication and successful implementations allow us to stay up to date with changes in the marketplace and help clients objectively to make purchasing decisions. We recommend and project-manage the installation of the best order management system, enterprise resource planning systems, warehouse management system, point of sale, retail merchandising, inventory management systems, and material handling equipment in the industry. We also help clients to maximize the functionality provided by the systems they choose. Working with a major legal firm specializing in intellectual property law, we can also advise clients at a reasonable cost about vendor contract negotiations, including pricing, modification and interface costs, statement of work, and deposits.

6. Flexible Project Management Capability

F. Curtis Barry & Company has successfully served as hands-on project managers and as top-level advisors working with the client’s project team to oversee processes. We can provide as much assistance as necessary. Our consultancy has the time to devote to client projects. Often internal management cannot take sufficient time to manage the entire project, but working with F. Curtis Barry & Company can allow you to manage your business without the need to hire new employees or to dedicate full-time people to each and every step of a project. You can cut through the clutter and be assured that work on the project will proceed quickly and efficiently while you continue to manage your day-to-day tasks and core business.

We work with our clients to understand what processes and responsibilities must change within an organization during and after a project is completed. We assist in the recommendation and implementation of best practices for all aspects of the business in order for these processes and responsibilities to make a positive change in the client’s business.

For more information please contact us at info@fcbco.com, call (804) 740-8743, or ”Request Information”.