One of the cornerstones of FCBCO is our tremendous ecommerce, catalog and retail industry experience.  Since 1983, we have been working to develop long-term relationships with high volume retail and direct to consumer (catalog and ecommerce) distribution and operations. We work with our clients to develop material handling equipment and automation solutions and make key operational decisions, including building new distribution and fulfillment centers and retrofitting existing sites for high volume operations in the retail and direct to consumer industry.

 We have experience in the following business segments offering fully engineered integrated turnkey material handling equipment and automated solutions for:

  • Third Party Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment
  • Catalog Fulfillment
  • Retail Fulfillment
  • Business to Business/Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Food and Beverage Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing Centers

We offer engineered solutions for:

  • Carton Conveyance
  • Pallet Conveyance
  • High Speed Unit and Carton Sortation
  • High Speed Diverts
  • AS/RS Systems
  • Mini Load Systems
  • Print and Apply
  • Weigh in Motion Scales
  • RF and Voice Applications
  • Pick and Put Systems
  • Case Sealers and Erectors
  • Racking and Mezzanines
  • PLC/PC Controls
  • Energy Savings
  • Field Wiring
  • Maintenance Plans

FCBCO develops and delivers custom solutions that utilizes cutting edge technology, realistic capabilities, and high quality equipment that will support your operations and meet industry best practices. We will utilize existing technology and equipment, whenever possible, in order to meet current and future demands. We don't represent just one type of material handling or automation equipment or manufacturer, which means that we can customize the solution to fit your budget and needs.

This insight provides FCBCO and our clients a unique advantage over solutions offered from other material handling providers.  In addition, our insight and collaborative interaction with our clients during the design phase of the project will ultimately translate in to a well-tailored solution for any future projects. We not only fully understand and support all levels of operations and complexities, whether it is a 750,000 square foot facility or a 25,000 square foot start-up facility, we employ practical and realistic  approaches and execution of the solution in order to immediately support your operations. We completely understand and appreciate the value of our client's Return On Invested Capital and strive for highly efficient cost effective solutions to meet all challenges in today's market.

FCBCO's material handling equipment and automated consulting services include engineering and design of smart conveyor systems, fully automated packaging and shipping systems, various types and levels of picking solutions, and warehouse control system upgrades and support. We will work with you and your team to customize your solution, planning to alleviate any downtime in operations, improve the productivity and efficiencies, and develop a realistic solution to reduce your overall operations costs.

We look forward to hearing back from you to schedule a call to discuss your material handling equipment and warehouse automation needs. Please reach out to us at or call 804-740-8743.