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F. Curtis Barry & Company has had the opportunity to help e-commerce and omnichannel clients streamline operations through strategic thinking, optimizing processes, and selecting the right systems. Our strategies have assisted clients in improving our clients’ total profitability, while lowering operating costs and expenses.

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Some projects we’ve worked on with clients include:

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Reviewing existing 3PL contracts and pricing, as well as assisting with evaluating new 3PLs for supporting order fulfillment and value-added services.

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Determining where a facility should be located, how big it should be, and what the fully loaded costs to open a new facility are.

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Layout and design of distribution centers including all material handling systems, racking and conveyors along with assisting clients to purchase and install equipment.

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Determining options for implementing automation, robotics, and technology
including the budgeting and implementation within a facility.

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Evaluating Warehouse Management Systems to support all inventory management and order fulfillment functions.

Clients We've Worked With



Chris Groseclose

Chief Fulfillment Officer

Crutchfield has built a reputation as an industry leader in customer support and we feel that F. Curtis Barry & Company supports us with the same level of excellence and value.

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