Six Ways to Analyze Peak Season Performance to Improve Your Fulfillment

Many ecommerce and retail businesses achieve 60% to 70% of their profits in the last quarter of the year.  Peak weeks order processing may be 10 to 15 times higher than an average week. For multichannel businesses and wholesalers, their peaks start months earlier to supply other businesses.  Take the time after each peak to analyze your fulfillment’s successes and failures and develop a plan to make improvements using a multi-faceted approach.

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Is Careless Fulfillment Damaging Your Brand?

Has a personal shopping experience ever made you reflect on how important fulfillment is to customer service? Fulfillment is often the last touch point your business has with a product before landing in the hands of your customer. The amount of attention to detail your fulfillment staff put into selecting and packaging the product has a direct impact on whether or not the customer will be happy.

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What Are Your DTC Operations Metrics Showing You?

In the ecommerce world of point, click and deliver, are you monitoring Direct To Customer (DTC) service level metrics that will help you meet the high expectations of customers?

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Benchmarking Metrics of Warehouse Operations

There are many types of warehouse operational metrics you can use to measure the order throughput, inventory accuracy, cost of departmental operations and customer service.

For 34 years, F. Curtis Barry & Company has assisted clients in defining key metrics, how to measure the operational performance and implement best practices. 

Continual process improvement is a principle many companies subscribe to, but they don’t have reliable data to measure productivity of current processes. Process improvement should begin with this principle: “If you have not measured it, you cannot improve it.”

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Use Operational Assessment to Set, Report & Improve Productivity Goals

Many managers look only at the negatives when talking about warehouse productivity. But, most people want to be in Operational Assessment for Productivity Goalsalignment with your productivity goals and to contribute in meaningful ways to the success of your business.

As I conduct an operational assessment with companies focusing on benchmarking and productivity, I find many companies do not openly share their warehouse KPIs and results with employees. Many don’t even have a formal, weekly process for capturing and reporting the KPIs. Those that do a good job of the weekly reporting often don’t have department and individual employee productivity goals and don’t publicly publish the results. You can’t improve something you haven’t measured.

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How to Bring Flexibility To Your Supply Chain and Distribution

An agile supply chain is a system of product distribution that:

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10 Supply Chain Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

The Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  

How does this apply to modern day fulfillment and Supply Chain?  Many fulfillment centers spend much of their time implementing reactive tactics without ever thinking through the strategy of what they are trying to achieve. The terms tactic and strategy are often confused and incorrectly used interchangeably.

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Warehouse Layout Design Principles

bigstock-Trucks-And-Warehouse-1129204There are several basic principles that apply to warehouse layout design and running an effective distribution center operation. Without the proper layout and design of your distribution center, no matter the square footage, you will face capacity issues, decreased productivity, and storage inadequacies. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the 28 key principles that you should consider for warehouse layout design and productivity.

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Selecting The Best Picking Method For Your E-commerce Business

Order picking is one of the most important functions in the warehouse - whether the customer has a positive or negative experience is based on the results of the picking process. Order accuracy and timely order fulfillment are keys to a successful customer experience. In addition to being a determining factor for customer satisfaction, picking and packing are generally the two areas where companies can gain the most significant labor cost savings.

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Who Will Project Manage Your ERP or Order Management System Implementation?

As we consult with multichannel companies on system selection and implementation, our experience is that about 50% of the larger installs (those spending over $1 million) are not delivered on time or within budget. 

For many companies, project failure is generally defined by the degree of cost over-run.  Schedule slippages go hand-in-hand with added costs since there is considerably more complexity to the total change than originally planned.  Many times, the newly installed system does not live up to the functional expectations of the user community and does not deliver the desired benefits.

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