Inbound Freight Savings Program

How to reduce freight costs and get started down the path to savings…

A confidential, free of charge analysis is conducted to determine your current freight costs and operational requirements.

A comprehensive findings report is developed that outlines opportunities to reduce your inbound freight expenses, improve control, and access management information. Other value-added services that will be discussed and used to make this process easier for you are automated vendor routing, enforced compliance, freight bill audits, and management reporting.

By participating in an inbound freight savings program, typical savings range between 15% - 24%.

inbound freight savings2How your shipping activity is managed…

For freight inbound to your warehouse location(s), a routing guide will be issued to your vendors advising them on the most cost effective way to ship your freight.

Your inbound freight vendors can choose to utilize either the online freight system to create bill of ladings and schedule shipments with the carriers, or custom Bill of Lading that is created specifically for your account.

After the shipment is made your key employees can track the status in the online freight system to determine what purchase orders are coming inbound to your warehouse location(s).

On a weekly basis a freight bill audit is conducted to check for accuracy and a consolidated invoice is provided to your company. No more processing of a multitude of individual freight invoices.

On a monthly basis your company would be provided reports which project savings, monitor on time performance, and track claims ratios.

For more information on how you and your company can reduce freight costs with a freight bill audit, call us at 804-740-8743 or email us at, or use the "Request Information" form. Find out how we can assist you with a FREE Freight Rate Analysis immediately. 

Outbound Freight

UPS, FedEx and DHL have increasingly made it more difficult for you to reduce freight costs to make your shipping rates low for your customers buying from you. Each time there is an increase in rates there seems to also be a wave of surcharges and incidentals that make it onto the list changes as well. If your carrier rates are negatively impacting your business or how your customers shop from your business, we urge you to contact us at (804) 740-8743, via e-mail at, or use the "Request Information" form. Find out how we can assist you with a FREE Freight Rate Analysis immediately. 

A Freight Rate Analysis can be conducted using your historical data and volumes to determine where cost savings and lower rate negotiations can be made to your UPS, FedEx, and or DHL contracts. Inbound freight rate analysis and contract negotiations are also available for your business as well. Don't lose customers over high inbound and outbound rates, call us today and we'll help you reduce shipping costs!

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Small Package & Freight Management Programs

When it comes to negotiating transportation contracts, knowledge is power. Information and expertise drive results in negotiations. Carriers are constantly making changes to their services and pricing strategies. Understanding the contracting and pricing process has become increasingly difficult even for the experienced logistics professional.

We will provide your company with the opportunity to improve your freight programs and reduce shipping costs. Consultants doing the work specialize in postal, small parcel, express, freight, LTL freight, trucking, and international services. They will assist you in accomplishing significant cost-savings through one or all of the following services:

Industry Knowledge: We bring to our clients consultants who have the combined knowledge and expertise of former senior and regional pricing and sales executives from UPS, FedEx, DHL-Airborne and other major carriers, forwarders and trucking companies.
We use the knowledge and experience of consultants combined with advanced analysis and data modeling. Consultants will assess exactly the type of pricing your company may qualify for and create an agreement that fits with your strategic objectives for distribution. They will provide on-site assistance during the negotiation process to make sure that you receive the discounts you deserve and the service levels your customers expect.

Negotiating Strategy: Consultants will either lead or coach you to achieve the optimal transportation agreements.
Consultants conduct a focus session with our clients to map out our approach for results pertaining to client distribution, contracts and appropriate negotiating strategy to reach your objectives. The consultants will execute work on a “permission only” basisor coach our clients through their own negotiations. Our negotiating philosophy is win-win for both client and carrier; our goal is to improve the working relationship.

Carrier Rate and Contract Analysis: Consultants model actual shipping data to gain an understanding of your business that is equal to, or better than the carriers pricing data.
A complete breakdown and spreadsheet analysis of your shipping patterns and costs will be completed to determine where there are areas to reduce shipping costs in your current agreements.

Proposal Analysis: Consultants provide detailed analysis of each carrier proposal that accurately identifies the actual cost of each offer to our client.
Each carrier uses different rate tariffs, accessorial policies and pricing, discount structures and has differences in stated service offerings. We have not found another company that matches our consultant’s ability to accurately assess a client’s true total cost of transportation.

Carrier Neutral: Consultants take the bias out of the decision making when assessing a carrier proposal and contract.
The consultant’s summary provides an accurate, unbiased overview of each carrier offer, benchmarked against the company’s distribution strategy. Our client always makes the final decision.

>Implementation: Consultants have been involved with over 850 contract implementations ranging from simple reviews for local businesses to advanced carrier negotiations for companies exceeding $100 million in annual transportation spend.
Many companies are missing out on significant potential savings due to problems with implementation. Small differences in service levels and system constraints can turn a great decision into a poor decision if an experienced industry expert does not manage implementation.

One of the most compelling reasons to hire a consultant is that the compensation is based on specific measurable results. Unless the consultant delivers new savings, the services are free under the gain-share agreement. The consultant is compensated based on a percentage of the actual, verifiable new savings.

Extensive transportation management experience with the nation’s largest and most respected carriers will provide you a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating competitive freight contracts and rate programs.

For more information on how you and your company can reduce freight costs with a freight bill audit, call us at 804-740-8743 or email us at, or use the "Request Information" form. Find out how we can assist you with a FREE Freight Rate Analysis immediately.