"Thank you very much for your contribution with this project; your expertise has been invaluable. You brought us strong vendor candidates, your analysis and insight helped us make a good choice for our business, and your efforts enabled us to make progress on this important project all while we continued to manage our day-to-day operations. 

Thank you.  It has been a pleasure to work with you." 

Debbie Woodward
VP, Operations
Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

"Buzz [Van Santvoord] just left and pretty much all I can say is WOW!  We had an amazing two days, filled with incredible brainstorming, solutions, discussions, etc.  He is a consummate professional and his experience and expertise in our [fulfillment] world has already proven to be so beneficial to us. We are excited for next steps and until then I just wanted to thank you for the what you’ve provided thus far. There really are no words to truly express how excited we were to meet Buzz and how excited we are to move onto next steps."

Amy Cooper
Fulfillment Works

"Over the past 8 years we have relied on F. Curtis Barry & Company for a number of projects including the layout design and systems review for our in-house B to B distribution center, 3PL searches and placement related to our B to C Catalog business as well as operating reviews for our internal and external DC's and Contact Center. With each of these projects F. Curtis Barry & Company has been able to supplement our in-house staff with industry expertise and contacts that we could never feasibly develop in-house. We have found that the team at F. Curtis Barry & Company is particularly good at tailoring a consulting engagement to meet our specific needs whether it is a one day or multi-week project."

Richard Eaton
Vice President, Operations
Highlights for Children Inc.

"F. Curtis Barry & Company has been a great consulting resource for several reasons:

  • They have deep knowledge of the multi channel model and its inherent challenges and complexity.
  • Because of their deep knowledge we do not have to spend time and money educating them on the typical project which translates to less time spent and a lower cost than might otherwise be incurred
  • They can be relied on to stay within scope and budget of the project as agreed to"

John Rice
Vice President, Finance & Operations

"Travel Oregon hired F. Curtis Barry & Company to assist in the search, selection, and contract negotiation of a third party fulfillment vendor. Today there are a variety of vendors in the market place who offer a broad spectrum of services and having F. Curtis Barry & Company there to provide sound analysis and recommendations based on their experience assured we had the information needed to make the right decisions for our business."

Kevin Wright
Director, Consumer Marketing
Travel Oregon

“We have worked with F. Curtis Barry & Company on a wide range of projects including search for operating systems, call center and DC operations. With each project we have found that this group has brought a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience to the project. Before jumping into recommendations they work to understand the business and culture. Each project we have implemented with the help of F. Curtis Barry & Company has provided outstanding results.”

Randy Rieder
Vice President Operations
Hanna Andersson

“Crutchfield has had many years of successful projects with F. Curtis Barry & Company. Most recently we have used F. Curtis Barry & Company for 2 major projects that directly relate to the growth of our business.

The first was in 2005. We contacted F. Curtis Barry & Company requesting a significant overview of our distribution network and warehouse capabilities. We have a significant amount of our business that ships to the west coast and we needed to better understand the impact of moving part of our operations further west. Tocky Lawrence was assigned to our project and did an outstanding job of pulling together a comprehensive look at our existing distribution centers. Based on our projected growth numbers he was able to show us when we would realistically outgrow our current facilities. Along with this F. Curtis Barry & Company pulled together some valuable information around 3PL vs. company-owned distribution on the west coast and provided us a good break even projection for expanding our operations westward.

The second was earlier in 2007. Crutchfield contacted F. Curtis Barry & Company for help with contract negotiations with our launch into the Canadian market. We felt that Crutchfield would benefit by having expert assistance in comparing the 2 vendors that were bidding on our Canadian distribution. F. Curtis Barry & Company worked with us on our project and proved to be invaluable in our decision making process. F. Curtis Barry & Company helped to steer us through the vendor selection process and helped us to avoid many pit-falls that we were unaware of. We successfully launched Crutchfield Canada in July of 2007.

Crutchfield has a long standing and successful relationship with F. Curtis Barry & Company. We might be a little biased towards F. Curtis Barry & Company because we like the fact that they are also in Virginia; but that aside, we have had nothing but positive interactions, flexibility and fantastic support from the F. Curtis Barry & Company team. Crutchfield has built a reputation as an industry leader in customer support and we feel that F. Curtis Barry & Company supports us with the same level of excellence and value.

Crutchfield is also a regular participant in F. Curtis Barry & Company’s ShareGroup sessions and we plan to continue our participation for years to come.”

Chris Groseclose
Director, Distribution Center Operations
Crutchfield Corporation