Since 1984, F. Curtis Barry & Company works with multichannel companies in operations and fulfillment consulting has allowed us to compile these 70+ ways that can cut costs and increase productivity, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in customer service. 

This guide looks at the following 4 areas of your business:

Contact Center

Scheduling and staffing models, service levels and technology in the call center are all affected by the increasing eCommerce order volumes. What are the ways to be more efficient and serve the customer better from the contact center?

Warehouse & Distribution

With most companies coming out of a less than perfect holiday season, there is a real need to increase productivity without having to make major capital purchases to do so. Discover ways to reduce your warehouse cost per order, increase capacity without expansion and improve service levels.

Forecasting & Inventory Management

Inventory is most companies' largest balance sheet asset. How it's managed determines customer service and profitability. Learn ways to improve the management of this asset.

Multichannel Business Systems

Order management, warehouse, e-commerce and inventory management systems are at the heart of the company. These systems affect the productivity and sales of all departments including merchandising, marketing, fulfillment and contact center.  Investigate ways to plan for, select and implement effective Multichannel Business Systems.


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