What Are Typical Vendor Compliance Policies that I Should Include?

So you have made a decision to move forward to develop and implement a vendor compliance program. You have an idea of what should be included into the manual to send to your vendors, but your not quite sure that you have all of the right sections.
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We have developed the following compiled list of sections from dozens of manuals that we have worked with our clients on. Sections to be included are:

    • Company history and customer service expectations
    • Vendor drop ship procedures
    • Purchase order terms and conditions
    • Duplicate shipments, overages and other shipping problems
    • Cross docking procedures
    • Routing guide
    • Invoicing instructions
    • Product specifications
    • Quality Assurance standards
    • Product marking and labeling
    • Packaging instructions
    • Company contact info key personnel
You can include others that are important to your specific business as well. These sections will ensure that your vendors have all of the information required to ship the appropriate products ordered and in the way that you require them to do so.