What is Your Percent Discount For Your LTL Freight Savings?

An inbound and outbound LTL freight audit has just been completed for a client’s domestic shipments.  The client has just been told that we are excited to announce that they could save 30% with standard service and 20% with guaranteed PM delivery.  Additionally, the standard service levels with using the freight consortium was as good or better than the existing LTL freight  carrier by 1-2 days for more than 50% of all shipments. 

Then the client asks an interesting question...

Question:  “How relevant are these percentages?  My current discount is 68% from our carrier?”

Answer:  "Our recommended LTL freight consortium uses a 1998 rate base with hundreds of customers in the consortium. We don’t think discount percentages provide a meaningful comparison. You really need to dig behind the numbers to see what is truly included within that discount percentage. To come up with these LTL freight savings, we took roughly 75 freight bills and compared the actual costs to the recommended carrier’s charges."

Admittedly, we can’t always save you money.  But our inbound and outbound LTL freight audit is a great way to validate that you have negotiated a great deal for your company; or to be able to save you more money further (most clients have enjoyed anywhere from 10% to 25% off current rates). 

Let's get started talking about our free inbound and outbound LTL freight audit by contacting Jeff Barry at  804-264-8040 or emailing him at jbarry@fcbco.com. Let's see what your percent discount will be for your LTL freight savings!