Distribution & Supply Chain Insights

Distribution & Supply Chain Insight

FedEx Announces Layoffs as Volumes Decline

This week FedEx announced its quarterly earnings, and the results weren’t good, further highlighting the decline in shipping volumes. Partly due to the decline in ecommerce volumes, FedEx stated that it will cut 25,000 workers by May of this year. These efforts are to try and streamline costs in efforts to boost profitability.

This is on the heels of layoffs in the broader freight markets.  Per the WSJ - trucking, warehousing and parcel-delivery companies cut a combined 16,900 jobs in February, following a drop of 2,200 jobs in January, according to seasonally adjusted preliminary employment figures released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Developing a Warehouse Move Plan

Developing a warehouse move plan is critical to successfully transitioning to a new facility. Here are key aspects to plan for months before your intended move in date.

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