4 contactcenterIn keeping with our focus on the entire direct fulfillment process, from order-taking through customer service, F. Curtis Barry & Company offers a full range of contact center consulting services to help clients improve their productivity and efficiency. Our central working experience is with direct-to-customer and multichannel retailers.

F. Curtis Barry & Company works with clients collaboratively throughout the consulting process. We offer call center consulting as well as thorough contact center consulting which analyzes customer touch points beyond just telephone interactions. Initially, we conduct an overall assessment of a client’s contact center, including audits of such functions as talk times, ACD reports, staffing levels in relation to occupancy, and total minutes of talk/work time. Based on our assessment, clients can determine how they wish to proceed with improving their contact center business processes.

F. Curtis Barry & Company also does third-party searches for companies that wish to outsource some or all of their contact center operations. We work with our clients to build a set of requirements and then help them search and source a third-party contact center solution, either permanent or for overflow, after-hours, and seasonal solutions.

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Our Contact Center Benchmarking Services and ShareGroups

Using our own extensive, proprietary contact center benchmarking database, we compare clients’ costs with costs for their industry peers. We can create a customized contact center productivity tracking system that will help clients pinpoint issues they wish to address. We analyze call monitoring; opportunities for upselling and cross-selling; and agent training.

Since 1996, F. Curtis Barry & Company has facilitated the Contact Center Benchmarking ShareGroup, in which participants can exchange information on metrics, service levels, and costs by company, along with best practices and critiques of the host member’s sites.

Below are a few examples of the contact center consulting services we have provided to our clients:

Case Study 1

F. Curtis Barry & Company analyzed call projections for a major direct marketer, and helped them determine the appropriate number of personnel to staff peak operations. And we assisted the client in selecting a commercial contact center scheduling system to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Case Study 2

F. Curtis Barry & Company analyzed several years’ worth of contact center data and costs for a $200 million business. As a result of the analysis, we recommended that the client outsource weekends and peak season overflow volume.

For more information on our contact center consulting services, please contact us at (804) 740-8743, e-mail us at info@fcbco.com, or use the ”Request Information” at the top of this page.

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