How prepared is your company to evaluate and select a 3PL provider?

Selecting a 3PL can be a difficult decision, but we've made the evaluation process a little easier. Our 3PL Vendor Round-up goes into detail on over 40 major 3PL vendors. Inside this document, you'll find a comparison of 3PL vendors based on the following criteria:

  • Year established and contact information for all 3PLs in this report
  • Number of active clients
  • Annual order volume for a typical client
  • Percent breakdown of B2C to B2B clients
  • Top 3 product categories each 3PL  predominately fulfills and % of clients in these three categories
  • Facility that West Coast and East Coast packages ship from
  • If 3PL currently fulfills continuity/standing orders for clients
  • If facilities are Food Grade certified to handle packaged foods
  • If facilities are FDA inspected and certified to handle raw/open foods
  • If  US-based vendor facilities handle international orders
  • List of countries and cities of any internationally-based facilities
  • Types of automation and technology that 3PL operations utilize
  • Value-add services that are offered to clients
  • ERP/Order Management System used and if you can use
  • Name of WMS system used
  • If 3PL offers a Business Intelligence tool for clients to use
  • If 3PL offers a marketing or merchandising data system for clients to use
  • If 3PL offers inventory forecasting options as part of systems offerings for clients to use
  • If call center services are handled internally or externally through an alliance partner

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