F. Curtis Barry & Company's Benchmarking ShareGroups offer an experience unique in the direct-to-customer industry the opportunity to network and learn from your peers in a confidential, non-competitive format. Participants receive and share comparative benchmark data, company profiles, and operations reports from group members. Each two-day ShareGroup meeting focuses on a specific subject whether it is warehouse benchmarking, pick, pack, and ship, customer contact centers, or inventory management benchmarking).

F. Curtis Barry & Company has organized and facilitated ShareGroups since 1996. Hundreds of participants have benefited from the chance to tour host facilities, discuss operational benchmarks, and develop new ideas and strategies with the people who know their industry best – other direct-to-customer executives and managers.

Thank you for your interest in our Benchmarking ShareGroups and Executive Forums. At this time we are revamping and revising the Benchmarking ShareGroups and Executive Forums. We will post future ShareGroup and Executive Forum dates and locations once they are scheduled.

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