Calculating and Comparing Your Total Cost per Order


 We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years to help them calculate and compare their total cost per order (call center and fulfillment functions). We are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of a free offer - if you collect and report what your major costs are for order taking and fulfillment, we will compare your total cost per order against other multichannel businesses that we within our benchmarking database.  All companies will remain anonymous and blind to any others that participate. Click to download data collection spreadsheet

Here is what we will need from you:

Call Center and Customer Service
These should include all of the expenses for taking customer orders in your call center and providing customer service. We ask that you report your base pay rate and exclude your employees' benefits from the labor total.

Total Direct labor costs (call center reps and customer service agents handling calls):
Total Indirect labor costs (supervisors, clerical, administration - personnel on call center budget but not actually handling calls):
Telecom equipment costs:
Call Center Occupancy costs (building lease, utilities, etc.):
Any depreciation or amortization costs (e.g. systems costs):
Miscellaneous costs (e.g. supplies, recruitment, training, incentives, credit card processing, FTC correspondence, etc.):

Annual number of orders taken by the call center (excluding orders from the website). This can be for the last 12 months (needs to be the same period of time for the fulfillment portion below):

These should include all the expenses of the fulfillment center for the inbound receiving, QA, put away, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping and returns processing.

We ask that you exclude the cost of outbound shipping and any revenue from shipping and processing.  These two items distort comparisons between companies.  We ask that you report your base pay rate and exclude your employees' benefits from the labor total.

Direct labor costs (all functions that are not included below):
Indirect labor costs (personnel on warehouse budget but not handling packages - inventory control, security, maintenance, janitorial, rework, liquidation, management/supervisory, clerical and administration):
Fulfillment center occupancy costs:  (building leases, utilities, outside storage, etc)
Any depreciation or amortization costs (e.g. systems, material handling equipment, automation, etc):
Packing Materials and dunnage costs:
Miscellaneous costs (e.g. recruitment, training, incentives, etc.):

For the same time frame as the call center above - 12 months, include the annual number of shipped orders (website and call center orders) the fulfillment center processed. 

Once these expenses are collected and reported to us, we will turn around and quickly calculate the total cost per order for your business and compare it to other multichannel businesses that respond as well as to the companies that are in our benchmarking database. Click to download data collection spreadsheet. Once completed, please email it back to us at

During this process, please reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We look forward to your business participating in this total cost per order comparison.