Inventory is often a company's largest asset. Helping our clients think about inventory strategically rather clerically is the goal of F. Curtis Barry & Company's inventory forecasting and inventory management solutions. We conduct an inventory best practice assessment to identify key measurements of inventory performance, evaluate reporting capabilities, assist in developing vendor compliance programs, and provide recommendations for change. Our assessments and audits include a complete review of the client's current inventory management software and processes and a best practice assessment.

Inventory management systems

Multichannel businesses seeking to improve their inventory management practices can rely on F. Curtis Barry & Company to assist with selecting an inventory management system that has the planning, forecasting, and inventory control functions and requirements needed to expand and manage inventory-related functions more accurately and efficiently.

We offer a wide range of inventory forecasting and inventory management systems.

We utilize our proprietary methodology to help clients select commercial inventory management software or to develop their own in-house software as needed.

We advise clients on how to increase customer service and profitability through reducing back orders and cancellations and improving inventory turns and GMROI.

We work with merchandisers and rebuyers to improve inventory forecasting, planning. and management, to reduce backorder costs and in-stock levels, and to develop consistent coverage with promotions across channels.

We provide consulting with regard to developing and enforcing vendor compliance programs for on-time delivery, product specifications, cost of backorders, retail vs. direct packaging and labeling; charge-back policies, accounting, and paperwork standards; as well as system standards for ASNs and cross-docking.

We help determine the optimal inventory level to increase sales without being seriously overstocked. This in turn improves customer service and profitability. 

For a number of clients we have developed analyses of: net contribution to profit for multiple seasons/year-to-year; pages; import vs. domestic; varying price ranges; price point; catalog page and depiction; category and sub-category; private label vs. open market; style, color, and size; Internet vs. catalog; new vs. repeat.

We develop requirements and sent out RFPs to vendors, assisted in vendor selection, and planned and overseen installation of commercial inventory planning and inventory management software for direct and retail businesses.