An Inventory Best Practices Assessment with a Quick ROI...

Inventory, most likely the largest asset on your balance sheets. Managing it efficiently can be the difference between profitability and serious customer service issues.  Companies rely on the experience of F. Curtis Barry & Company to assess their processes and develop sound inventory strategies.

Our inventory assessments include the evaluation of strategies, inventory management systems, processes and procedures for new product and merchandise planning, forecasting demand and managing inventory to improve customer service and profitability. Our inventory assessments cover all aspects of manageing the inventory assest, and are then followed up with a management summary report with the recommendations and feedback that allow you to take action quickly.  

They include:

  • Process and procedure review to improve merchandise performance from an inventory perspective
  • Pre-seasonal merchandise planning
  • In-season forecasting of demand
  • Systems required to improve merchandise performance
  • Review of the organization structure to improve responsibilities and results
  • Design of reporting and analysis to improve internal systems or recommend commercial systems
  • Review the departmental inter-relationships and processes between marketing and web, fulfillment and finance
  • Streamline the processes throughout the organization for planning merchandise buys or production; writing purchase orders, balancing inventories, merchandise budgeting, etc.
  • Improvement in supply chain and vendor compliance procedures.
  • Recommended process and methods to reduce overstocks
  • Review the inventory metrics used and make recommendations

Our inventory assessments can be performed extremely fast and provide a high ROI. Call us at 804-740-8743 or email to schedule a conference call to discuss an inventory assessment.